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Yeah that's what I thought when I first saw the poster,god dang! Okay so, hello again to you movie fans out there. So in this post, I'll post up about the upcoming movie Carriers. It'll be released on the 4th of September, the same date with All About Steve and Gamer.

Okay,first and foremost, without further a due, the synopsis :

Four kids are driving through the desert on the way to the beach, their faces anything but cheery: this isnt Spring Break. Theyre trying to outrun the end of the world and each other. In Álex and David Pastors CARRIERS, no one is safe from the viral pandemic threatening to wipe out the human race. Determined to elude the deadly virus, Danny (LOU TAYLOR PUCCI), his brother Brian (CHRIS PINE), his girlfriend Bobby (PIPER PERABO) and Dannys school friend Kate (EMILY VANCAMP) speed across the Southwestern U.S. to reach a place of possible safety. Over the course of four days, the group is faced with moral decisions that no human should ever be forced to face. They discover that their greatest enemy is not the microbe attacking humanity, but the darkness within themselves.

Alrighty,there you have it.A short and brief story about the movie. And may I add a little bit details, as I watched the trailer in YouTube, it's actually about a true pandemic flu that once shook the world : The Bird Flu or The Avian Flu.

Carriers (2009 film) Movie Trailer

In reality ( our current world), only a number of deaths has been reported caused by the avian flu(around 2006) and by time,it subsided. But in the movie, it turned into a nightmare. Which, most of the human population were already wiped out and was thrown into an apocalyptic state, and forces the ugly side of humans to be shown in the movie.

This movie caught my attention as it had the "What If?" factor. In this case, what if the avian flu did not subside?Hahah.

So anyway,let's move on to the stars!

Alright first in line, we have the hot and charming Chris Pine! Capt. James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise, has caught the hearts of many sci-fi fans and ladies with his incredible acting talent and handsome face.

Next up is Lou Taylor Pucci. A young and established actor, he may not appear in most of the film blockbusters, but mind you, he has achieved several prestigious acting awards, which I don't think it is that easy to win unless he has the talents and aspiration. For music lovers, especially punk-rock band Green Day, you may recognize his from their music video "Jesus Of S0uburbia".

Now for the babes.Piper Perabo, as Chris Pine's girl in the movie, was the sexy Violet Sanford in Coyote Ugly!Yeah..for hot babes lovers,prepare yourself for another thrilling excitement.

And then,we have Emily Van Kamp!Yes, the heroine from The Ring and The Ring 2!This is no doubt gonna be a good horror/thriller/mystery movie.

And below, are th full casts of the movie :

Lou Taylor Pucci ... Danny

Chris Pine ... Brian

Piper Perabo ... Bobby

Emily VanCamp ... Kate

Christopher Meloni ... Frank

Kiernan Shipka ... Jodie

Ron McClary ... Preacher

Mark Moses ... Doctor

Josh Berry ... Survivalist #1
Tim Janis ... Survivalist #2

Dale Malley ... Survivalist #3

Dylan Kenin ... Tom
LeAnne Lynch ... Rose
Jan Cunningham ... Passenger
Mary Peterson ... Laura Merkin
rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Sequoyah Adams-Rice ... Sick Child

Okay then, I guess this ends up about the hopes and expectations for this movie on the 4th!
And don't worry, I'll review it once I've seen it.

Iwth that, Movie Canovie signing off!

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