Friday, September 4, 2009

Jennifer's Body

"All that glitter is not gold"

Well,after seeing this poster,thatw as the first thing I taught of.

Yes everyone, yours truly, Movie Canovie is back again!And this time, we will be going through another 'kinkay' and 'sexay' horror film that I hope is gonna be,er...well,okay.Haha.

Alright, and here is the synopsis :

Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) is a sexy, popular captain of the flag team that everyone wants to be friends with and, in the boys' case, date. Anita "Needy" Lesnicky (Amanda Seyfried), a nerdy plain jane, Jennifer's friend since childhood. Jennifer ends up as the sacrifice in a Satanic ritual, held by a rock band, hoping that the sacrifice will increase their chances of getting a record deal. The ritual goes horribly wrong and Jennifer becomes possessed by a demon and begins to feed off of the boys in her high school—first seducing them to get close, and then consuming them in a manner similar to that of a Succubus. It becomes Needy's goal to stop Jennifer from killing more of her classmates.

Whoa!Not much possessed-by-demons film that was a super hot babe huh?Haha.Okay,that's enough texts for your heads.Now,it's traily trailer time!

Jennifer's Body (2009 film) Movie Trailer

Cool huh?I haven't seen this kind of film since Constantine and The Exorcism of Emily Rose. But boy, I doubt this one is gonna be scary at all with all that hotness of hers.

And now,it's time to go over the casts.

First and foremost,the one that I've been yapping about before, Megan Fox!Now, as you all know her from the Transformers movie series as the voluptuous Mikaela Baynes. Her combination of looks and acting prowess made her quite the famous star she is now.

You may also recognize her as Sydney Shanowski in TV series Hope&Faith(although the show was canceled at season 3). Megan was also starring in the movie Confessions of A Teenage Drama Queen,alongside Lindsay Lohan. Her incredible acting just doesn't stop, as she starred in the movie How To Lose Friends & Alienate People as Sophie Maes.

All I could say is, her acting and beauty provides an excellent factor to really watch this movie!

Let's move on to the next cast, which is Amanda Siegfried. Amanda Seyfried achieved a breakthrough when she was cast as the most dimwitted of the snotty-and-popular trio Plastics, Karen Smith, in the popular teen film Mean Girls. Yeah,you remember her right?Haha.Undoubtly the funniest character of the movie.

She was also in the film Mamma Mia, as Sophie Sheridan.

Hey,you guys wanna hear a fun fact?This is both actresses, Amanda and Megan's similarities :
  1. Both actresses was models before acting.
  2. Both of them co-starred alongside Lindsay Lohan.
  3. And both of them had a role whose name is Sophie!
Lol,cool huh?I bet they are gonna perform well in the movie.(I really hope so)

Okay,that's all about the chicks from the movie. And now's the time for the hero of the story, Johnny Simmons.

Yeap,that Johnny from Evan Almighty,as one of the sons of Steve Carrell in the movie. He then starred in The Spirit, as the main character when he was young. He was also Dave, from the film Hotel For Dogs.

The rest of the casts :

Megan Fox ... Jennifer Check

Amanda Seyfried ... Needy Lesnicky

Johnny Simmons ... Chip Dove

Adam Brody ... Nikolai Wolf

J.K. Simmons ... Mr. Wroblewski

Amy Sedaris ... Toni Lesnicky

Chris Pratt ... Officer Roman Duda

Juno Ruddell ... Officer Warzak

Kyle Gallner ... Colin Gray
rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Colin Askey ... Keyboardist
Michael Brock ... Dennis
Genevieve Buechner ... Madison / Goth Girl #2

Megan Charpentier ... Little Needy
Sal Cortez ... Chas
Megan Danso ... Girl

Josh Emerson ... Jonas Konelle

Emma Gallello ... Young Jennifer

Carrie Genzel ... Mrs. Check

Eve Harlow ... Chloe / Goth Girl

Dan Joffre ... Rumundo
Aman Johal ... Ahmet from India

Nicole Leduc ... Camille Dove

Ryan Levine ... Mick

Juan Riedinger ... Dirk

Cynthia Stevenson

Karissa Tynes ... Other Girl

Michelle Andrew ... Locker Room Girl (uncredited)

Edwina Cheer ... Small Town Waitress (uncredited)

K├Čer Mellour ... Candie - prom scene (uncredited)
Charlie Robson ... Prom Date (uncredited)

Emily Tennant ... Gossiping Girl (uncredited)

Ashley Whillans ... Crying Girl (uncredited)

Well, as usual, this is the end for a post as soon as I put up the rest of the casts.

But don't worry, I'll be updating the review of the movie when I watched it.

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