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Does being another person makes someone better,or the opposite?

LOL,may I say that the word I said before has something to do with this movie. Yes guys,welcome back for another Movie Canovie's movie reviews and guide! For those who are new here, I,Movie Canovie, will post several informations regarding the movie that I will pick every month to be reviewed.

Okay, so this film is gonna be out on the 25th of September. I'm excited myself for this one, because sci-fi movies are my favourites! Especially with the latest and cutting edge CG and futuristic based storylines.

Okay,so without further delaying the excitement,here is the synopsis :

The year 2017 is a future in which humans live in near-total isolation, never leaving the safety and comfort of their homes, and only communicating with their fellow man through remotely-controlled robotic bodies that serve as "surrogates", designed as better-looking versions of their human operators.

Because people are safe all the time, and damage done to a surrogate is not even felt by its owner, it is a peaceful world free from fear, pain, and crime.Bruce Willis stars as an FBI agent who enlists the aid of his own surrogate to investigate the murder of the genius college student who invented the surrogates.

As the case grows more complicated, however, the withdrawn detective discovers that in order to actually catch the killer he will have to venture outside the safety of his own home for the first time in many years, and enlists the aid of another agent (Radha Mitchell) in tracking his target down. Jonathan Mostow directs co-screenwriters Michael Ferris and John Brancato's adaptation of the graphic novel by author Robert Venditti and illustrator Brett Weldele.

And how's that for a future with virtual social environment huh? It really took one hell of an imagination to make up this kinda story. The whole summary reminded me of some of my friends who could sit at home and chat all day,and never really had a life back then.

Surely a good sci-fi movie and a lesson to be learned!Alright,now, for the trailer.

Surrogates (2009 film) Movie Trailer

Incredible,right?Every time I watch this, I only could count how many days a far until 25th September.Yes!

Haha,right.Okay,now for the heroes and heroines of the movie.

Alright,hero number 1,Bruce Willis!

As John McClane in the Die Hard movie series, Bruce has moved the world with his top-class acting on screen. Remember the movie Armageddon? Yeap, the one which Aerosmith sang "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing". He was the lead role Harry Stamper.

And don't forget the movie, The Sixth Sense (yes,the one that had Haley Joel Osment as a kid,saying "I See Dead People"). He was the macho child psychologist Dr.Malcolm Crove.

Next , we have the Australian actress, Radha Mitchell. Some of you may have not known her, but she has quite the credibility in the field.

In 1997, she starred in two films—High Art and Everything Put Together—both Independent Spirit Award winners. Other films—including Pitch Black opposite Vin Diesel, Phone Booth opposite Colin Farrell, and Man on Fire opposite Denzel Washington—soon followed.

Mitchell gained recognition for her performance in the Academy Award–winning Finding Neverland, which co-starred Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet. This performance for all co-stars earned each a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture.

Incredible huh?Don't be astonished yet,cause we have one more lady coming up, and she is Rosamund Pike!

She is perhaps best known for her portrayals of Bond villainess Miranda Frost in Die Another Day and she appeared as Jane, the elder sister of Elizabeth (played by Keira Knightley), in Pride & Prejudice.

Pike played Elizabeth Malet in The Libertine (2005) co-starring Johnny Depp, which won her the Best Supporting Actress award at the British Independent Film Awards.

In the same year, she portrayed Rose in The Promised Land (a film about Israel), as well as starring as scientist Samantha Grimm in the cinematic adaptation of the computer game Doom.

Okay,last but not least, the baddie aka the big kahuna aka the final boss. For him, we have the all rounder, Ving Rhames.

I mean, who could forget the characters that he plays, such as Nathan 'Diamond Dog' Jones in Con Air, and the award winning TV mini series Don King:Only In America as Don King himself.

Rhames was also in Mission : Impossible II and Mission : Impossible III as Luther Stickell, and the homosexual firefighter, alongside Adam Sandler in I Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.

Well, and this is the rest of the casts :

Bruce Willis ... Agent Greer

Radha Mitchell ... Agent Peters

Rosamund Pike ... Maggie Greer

Ving Rhames ... The Prophet

James Cromwell

Michael Cudlitz ... Colonel Brendon

Meta Golding ... Lead Counsel

Helena Mattsson ... JJ

Trevor Donovan ... Tommy

Valerie Azlynn ... Bridget

Jordan Belfi ... Victor Welch

Boris Kodjoe ... Anthony Stone

Jack Noseworthy ... Strickland

Anya Monzikova ... Beautiful Surrogate
Devin Ratray ... Bobby Saunders

Nicholas Purcell ... Pulaski - Commando #1
Rachel Sterling ... Vivian - assistant to Victor Welch

Ella Thomas ... Lisa

Ned Vaughn

Cody Christian ... Young Canter

James Francis Ginty ... Dr. Lionel Canter / Tuxedo

Rick Malambri ... Clark the Clerk

Derrick Tedford ... Perfect Surrogate

Chad Williams ... Salesman

David Conley ... Miller

Eamon Brooks ... FBI Trainee

Ian Novick ... Andre

Shane Dzicek ... Jarid Canter

Jonathan Arthur ... Boston police officer
Michael O'Toole ... Hirosuke
Chris Parson ... Additional Voices (voice)

Bruce-Robert Serafin ... Bud
Jeffrey De Serrano ... Armando
Ryan Williams ... Dread
Beau C. Bedugnis ... Dread / Gate Gaurd
Keith Kirkwood ... Dr. David
Brian Jansen ... The Stalker
Brian A. Parrish ... Hard Hat

Jennifer Alden ... Landlady (uncredited)
Michael Baxter ... Dread (uncredited)
Ellen Becker-Gray ... Dread Villager (uncredited)

Cate Beehan ... Surrogate (uncredited)
Leigh Belair ... Dread with Sledgehammer (uncredited)

Andria Blackman ... Surrogate (uncredited)

William Bornkesell ... Baseball kid on bench (uncredited)

Dorothy Brodesser ... Dread woman with shotgun (uncredited)

Katelyn Cahill ... Surrogate VSI Office Employee (uncredited)
Todd Cahoon ... Surrogate (uncredited)
Jwaundace Candece ... FBI Agent #3 (uncredited)

Patrick Canty ... Surrogate (uncredited)

Chemi Che-Mponda ... Dread (uncredited)
Taylor Cole ... Lawyer (uncredited)

Desiree April Connolly ... Funeral Mourner / Townsfolk Activist (uncredited)

Jeffrey Corazzini ... Boston Police officer (uncredited)

Michael DeMello ... Gate Guard (uncredited)

Roger Dillingham Jr. ... Dread (uncredited)

Justin Warren Downing ... Surrogate Businessman (uncredited)
Vincent J. Earnshaw ... Funeral Dread (uncredited)

Katie Eischen ... Female Jumper (uncredited)

Steve Flynn ... Dread shopkeeper (uncredited)

Sari Gagnon ... Surrogate (uncredited)

David J. Garfield ... Farm Dread (uncredited)

Costa Giannakopoulos ... Surrogate (uncredited)

Albert Gornie ... Dread (uncredited)

A.F. Grant ... Dread (uncredited)
Rob W. Gray ... Dread (uncredited)

Una F. Green ... Surrogate (uncredited)

Joseph Guglielmo ... Dread (uncredited)

Quincy Heath ... Commando (uncredited)
Michelle Hopkins ... Dread (uncredited)

Kate Jurdi ... Surrogate Dancer / Dread (uncredited)

Krista Laraine ... Surrogate (uncredited)

Dan Marshall ... Dread at Funeral & Helicopter Crash Scenes (uncredited)
Jeremy Martin ... Surrogate (uncredited)
Robert Masiello ... Human (uncredited)
Adam Masnyk ... Sgt. Davis (uncredited)
Todd Mello ... Dread (uncredited)

Tarek Moussa ... Dread (uncredited)

Jason Mulcahy ... Handsome Surrogate (uncredited)

Declan Mulvey ... Boston police officer (uncredited)

Gabriel Olds ... Agent #1 (uncredited)

Catherine Pierce ... Dread (uncredited)
Alan Resnic ... Dread / Human (uncredited)

Rich Rothbell ... Dread (uncredited)

Rich Skinner ... Dread (uncredited)

Chuck Slavin ... Dread (uncredited)

Danny F Smith ... Victim / Surrogate (uncredited)

Joe Sobalo Jr. ... EMT (uncredited)

Stream ... The Dread (uncredited)
David Szehi ... Human (uncredited)
Colin Turtle ... Dread (uncredited)

Marc Vos ... Club Go-er Surrogate (uncredited)
Amanda Wall ... Dread Child (uncredited)

Donald Warnock ... Mourner at the Pyre (uncredited)
Mike Wendt ... Surrogate (uncredited)

Hunter Wilichoski ... Baseball Kid / Dread (uncredited)
Jimmy F. Wilson ... Soldier (uncredited)
Denn Wise ... Soldier (uncredited)

And therefore,ends our usual session of movie briefthrough. So, until the next post again, guys.

With then,just wait for the movie reviews when I've watched the movie.

So,Movie Canovie signing off!

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